A Japanese used truck is a reason of the popularity

I am said to be popularity partly because it is said that the Japanese truck maker has very better quality than foreign countries. Truck primary occupation makers include the place that it just introduced, but of course it features the demand in Japan that the export to Indonesia and Southeast Asia is just remarkable.
Because demand did not increase when this is because progress of each local infrastructure maintenance is accompanied with this and compares it before a rest in the country, it is the present conditions of the present truck maker that was just right. The truck primary occupation supplier had four companies, but so far, in Isuzu Motors, Hino Motors which were a listed company, a deficit was expected, but I reversed myself, and it was to the black. It is a reason that this is all Indonesia and Southeast Asia, and a truck becomes brisk.
Particularly of popularity, the light truck that the vehicle gross weight that a Japanese maker makes pride becomes 7 tons from 4 tons is sold mainly on a light truck. The progress to the new market raises the demand for present Japanese truck maker and revives economy, but there does not seem to be readily the improvement immediately because there is already a truck maker the thing that there was not a truck maker in Indonesia and Southeast Asia in China even if I seemed to be connected and am for the improvement with the same Xinxing market because I may be rolled up in price competition.